Foot Arch Pain that Doesn’t Point to Plantar Fasciitis


If you’re experiencing foot arch pain, heel pain, or ankle pain, talk to your doctor about gait. If, when taking a step, your heel hits the ground first, and then you feel pressure inward on your arch, it could be because you’re overpronating and therefore over-flattening your foot. If this isn’t as noticeable, look at the bottom of your most worn shoes. On the sole, if there are more wear and tear on the arch’s heel and inner area, this may be a sign that you overpronate when you step.

In some cases, overpronation can cause pain in your knees, hips, or back due to improper gait. Eventually, overpronation can damage muscles, ligaments, and tendons and lead to Plantar Fasciitis if left unsupported. If you or a loved one are experiencing discomfort such as foot pain or arch pain, reach out to your podiatrist. A podiatrist may recommend stretches, physical therapy exercises, or orthotics to help patients correct overpronation.

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